The Alabama Section of the American Chemical Society

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We are very pleased that you are visiting our local section's website and hope that you find it most useful.  Our goal is to inform you of all the happenings within the section and to provide you links to other sites and resources to enrich your professional life.  The Calendar feature provides you with an overview of activities that may be of professional interest to you and also has a map link feature that shows you the location of each local section meeting. 

The Alabama Section of the American Chemical Society comprises twenty-nine (29) counties (shown in green on the map below) in central and north-central Alabama with its headquarters in Birmingham. We are committed to promoting an interest in the chemical sciences through outreach activities that target students, teachers, and the general public. Chartering of the Alabama Section was granted by the ACS Council on March 24, 1913; making it the 43rd local section in the nation and the 5th in the south. Four other local sections (North Alabama, Wilson Dam, Auburn, and Mobile) cover the remaining counties in the state.

Use the navigation links to the left to find out what is taking place in the Alabama Local Section and access information on careers, National Chemistry Week, ACS resources, volunteer opportunities in the local section, committees, and many other information sources. For the latest information on happenings in and events of interest to the local section, be sure to read the Announcements/Events page.

A copy of the current Alabama Local Section Bylaws is available on-line.