The Alabama Section of the American Chemical Society

Award Programs of the

Alabama Local Section

The Alabama Local Section has the following award programs to recognize the contributions of individuals within the local section.

High School Teacher of the Year This program recognizes the most outstanding high school chemistry or science teachers at schools within the geographic region of the Alabama Section. The emphasis in on the quality of the nominee's teaching, ability to challenge and inspire students, extracurricular work, willingness to keep up-to-date in the field, and evidence of leadership and active involvement in the teaching profession. Nominations may come from anyone (not limited to ACS members) and can be made for any high school chemistry/science teacher in the Alabama Section of the ACS. Please send nominations using the nomination form or direct questions to Kevin Shaugnessy at, or the address shown on the form.  Nominations are due by April 1st of each year.

A complete listing of all Teachers of the Year awardees since 1990 is available.

Undergraduate Student Travel Award Program The local section funds this program to encourage undergraduates at colleges and universities within the Alabama Section's geographical region to present papers/posters at ACS regional and national meeting. This is invaluable experience and provides excellent opportunities for networking with peers and other ACS members. The maximum award is $500/meeting. The completed application form must be submitted eight (8) weeks before the scheduled meeting date for the presentation. Review the requirements for participation and consider submitting an application using either WORD or self-calculating PDF formats.