The Alabama Section of the American Chemical Society

Career Management Opportunities

The American Chemical Society offers numerous programs that assist you in managing your professional careers.  These span all the way from technical workshops to leadership development courses.  View what ACS can do to assist you.  Be sure to check out the extensive suite of on-line and facilitated courses in the ACS Leadership Development System.  These are very practical courses designed for you to help you to advance your career, to be more effective in your current position, and to more effectively lead ACS in your volunteer roles. 

All chemical professionals (including students) have ethical obligations to the public, to their colleagues, and to science. These rules of engagement are laid out in the Chemical Professional's Code of Conduct – read and display it proudly! If you are in academe (student, staff, or faculty), the Academic Professional Guidelines (APG) is your roadmap to recommended practices. If you're employed by a corporate or government entity, your roadmap is the Professional Employment Guidelines (PEG). These three documents are regularly reviewed and revised by the ACS Committee on Economic & Professional Affairs, to incorporate current trends and changing policies and practices.