The Alabama Section of the American Chemical Society

External Links

The following links can add you in planning meeting attendance and provide you with contact information related to individuals with particular expertise in Alabama Section university chemistry departments.  If you have suggestions for additional useful links, please let us know.

Future ACS Meeting Links

Here are some links to upcoming National and Regional ACS meetings to aid you in planning your future attendance, determining deadline dates for on-line abstract submissions, and completing on-line meeting registration and housing reservations.

Future Non-ACS Meetings of Interest to Chemistry Professionals

There are other meetings that occur throughout the year and are of interest to chemistry professionals.  The following are links to further information (registration, housing, title/abstract submission, deadlines, etc.) on these meetings.

Alabama Section University Chemistry Department Links

The following are links to the chemistry departments located at universities and colleges within the Alabama Section region. Within the Alabama Section you will find a wide range of educational opportunities and faculty research expertise in Chemistry.