The Alabama Section of the American Chemical Society

Volunteer Opportunities in the Alabama Local Section

The Alabama Section of the ACS is a totally volunteer organization operated for the benefit of the members. Within the section there are many opportunities for you to become involved and use your talents to make the Alabama Section a truly outstanding local section. Meetings require local arrangements individuals who secure the room/location for a meeting or event and make sure everything is ready for an eventful meeting. Every year the Alabama Section participates in National Chemistry Week, which occurs during the 4th week of October, and carries through on the chosen theme for that year to engage students and the public in chemistry activities at schools, museums, malls, etc. This is an excellent event to participate in to increase the outreach efforts of the section. The ACS NCW website contains numerous suggested activities, free materials, a toolkit, publicity materials, and information on national contests that originate in local sections. The ACS Chemistry Ambassador program is a way you can make a difference in the life of a promising student, bring chemistry stories to the public, help children discover the fun of science, and share your views of the chemistry connection with others.  Need ideas, want to be a Chemistry Ambassador, want to find out what you can do in a short period of time?  Take a look at the tools, ideas, and resources to support you as an Ambassador on the website.  You may also want to check out the Committees page and volunteer to serve on one of these. We promise you that your volunteer efforts will be greatly appreciated, will not involve busy work, and will permit you to network with other chemists in our local section. Check us out and help us become an outstanding organization for our members.

If you already know which committee you would like to be a member of, please complete and submit the Volunteer Form and an officer will be in contact with you.